Disgaea 6 Complete Release Date

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny launched as a Nintendo Switch exclusive last June. Although the tactics-based JRPG showed potential, it was held back by a variety of performance-related issues. Be it the hardware’s fault or otherwise, the game does not run well. Thankfully, developer Nippon Ichi Software has confirmed a Disgaea 6 Complete PC port is coming to Steam, and hopefully some of those issues will be solved.

The latest installment in the Disgaea franchise is arriving on Steam come June 28. Funnily enough, that is almost the exact same date that it first launched worldwide on Switch last year. A price on Steam has not been specified, but we do know that it’s $60 USD on Switch. PC ports of these kinds of games tend to be slightly cheaper than that at launch, but don’t expect too much.


Not sure if Disgaea is for you? Consider checking out this character trailer that showcases both some of the new and returning characters. It provides insight into some of the cast’s personalities, attacks, and appearance.

Praying for better performance

So what is Disgaea 6 Complete? It is effectively a PC port that features the base game and all of the released DLC in one package. The DLC for the game includes eight characters from various past installments, plus the Hololive Collaboration Set. With this being the first entry in the series to use 3D models, you’ll get the opportunity to see fan-favorite characters like Laharl, Valvatorez, and Usalia like never before.

The Switch port of Disgaea 6 is rough, to say the least. In its supposed Performance Mode it barely sustains 30 fps. Even worse, those that dare try Quality Mode can expect consistent drops into the low 20s.

Thankfully, the PC version should run far better. The Japan-exclusive PlayStation 4 release manages 60 frames per second with ease. Disgaea 5 was capped at 60 fps on PC, but hopefully the sequel will amend that and allow users to take advantage of higher-refresh-rate displays.

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